Cocaine 80’s – Take My Keys

Little known supergroup consisting of James Fauntleroy, No I.D., Common and Makeba Riddick have secretly been releasing some quality music in past weeks.  “Take My Keys,” shows off Fauntleroy’s immaculate vocals, for those who don’t know, he has written many of your favorite songs sung by Rihanna, Chris Brown, Brandy and others.  With just a simple acoustic guitar, James wows us with an original piece.   Check out their blog at for free d/ls of the tracks.

Cocaine 80’s – Take My Keys

Slaughterhouse – My Life (ft. Cee-Lo Green)

Definitely the most underrated group in Hip Hop right now, Slaughterhouse continues their grind for success.  Comprised of Joell Ortiz, Royce the 5’9″, Joe Budden, and Crooked I, you will not find more talented rappers out there.  They actually have substance to their verses and gel really well together.  Here is their second single off their upcoming album.  Alone the song is great, but with the addition of CeeLo’s vocals, especially at the end, it takes it to another level.  Sorry for the clip here as this being there next single, the record company doesn’t want the full track out.

Slaughterhouse – My Life (ft. Cee-Lo Green)

Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up

Not sure how long this will last before being taking down.  A rough version of this song was leaked months ago and was pulled down, however YouTube featured nothing but person after person performing their own cover, blame the power of the internet.  Anyways here is a more mastered version, some say D. Guetta is the producer, a claim he denied on facebook the other day.  Anyways enjoy, Fortune, coming to stores July 3rd.

Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up

Ne-Yo – Lazy Love

The R&B songs are heating up, first Usher on his comeback, now Ne-Yo adds to that with his first single off his upcoming album R.E.D.  Instead of an uptempo song, Ne-Yo proves he can still give us those nice slow jams.  Enjoy some “Lazy Love”

Ne-Yo – Lazy Love

Usher feat. Rick Ross – Lemme See

Usher is on a roll, this brings me back to “Confessions,” just hit after hit.  First we get “Climax,” then “Scream,” now a certified future radio hit, “Lemme See.”  With the assistance of Officer Ricky, complete with Trayvon Martin reference, this song has a great sound and addictive lyrics.   Check it out, he is also on SNL tonight.

Usher feat. Rick Ross – Lemme See