Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend

Sleeping With A Friend

You can’t deny the guitar melody in this song.  Enjoy the original and decent remix by Kat Krazy below:


Kat Krazy Remix:

London Grammar – Wicked Game (Layzie Edit)

Whoaaa, it’s been awhile folks and I apologize.  The dynamic duo has been busy with our real jobs unfortunately, which takes away from AOS.  We have missed so much, but will still try to post when we can.  Which brings us to today’s post, who doesn’t remember Chris Issak’s mainstream hit, Wicked Games?  Well, maybe a lot of people, but one listen to London Grammar’s cover along with some help of Layzie will take you right back.  Enjoy!

London Grammar - Wicked Game (Layzie Edit)


Danny Brown – Lonely

Looking like Trinidad James, Danny’s rhymes are a pleasant surprise.  Born in Detroit, the son to a House DJ, Danny was exposed to music at an early stage in his life.  “Lonely,” is a standout track with a simple sample, and story telling, Danny had me have this on repeat.

Bastille – Pompeii (Acoustic)

There’s no doubt that Bastille has blown up this year with their smash “Pompeii.”  It’s crazy to see how far these guys have come since we first posted their song “Flaws” 2 years ago when the band was just beginning to be formed.  What really surprised me was not the fact that they’ve gained this huge mass following now, but rather how  talented these guys are live.  It seems anyone can make a hit single these days, but when you strip out all the effects and autotune what are you left with?  These guys prove that you can still make incredible music just with a voice and guitar.

Jon Waltz – Bang

Whoa whoa WHOA.  Ever since I first took a listen to “Bang” I have not been able to stop playing this track.  The trance inducing beat captures you right from the gate, but it’s the flow and the way the lyrics masterfully paint a picture that really bring this record home (not to mention a killer hook).  If this dude doesn’t make it, something is wrong with this industry. Do yourself a favor and check out this kid’s soundcloud, this looks to be only the beginning…

Jon Waltz – Bang

Panama – Always

Who can’t go for a little feel good music from Down Under? Wait… I don’t know if that came out right. Point being, Panama is a band hailing from Australia who is making waves across the internets with the title track of their latest EP, “Always.” To hear more, check out their band camp here.


Panama – Always