Local Natives – You & I

I first heard Local Natives as I was driving from Maryland to D.C., after my first attempt at skiing.  “Wide Eyes,”  came on and I was quick to take down the artist and song so I could get it when I got home.  It might have very well been the best thing to come out of that trip as my ankle was swollen for over a month after.  Lesson learned, guys over 6ft, should not keep their legs pointed straight as they will pick up way to much speed and almost hit a father and son at the bottom of the slope.  Anyways here is their new single complete with d/l link.

Modestep – Paradise (Coldplay Cover)

Modestep takes smooth vocals and combines them with a little electric dubstep to give his personal take on Coldplay’s hit.  This works very well and doesn’t at all seem forced.  Well done.


Cocaine 80’s – Ground

Sometimes you need an escape from the norm, after having nothing but Kendrick and KapSlap on repeat in my car, I stumble upon Cocaine 80’s newest EP.  When you talk about pure talent, and giving it out for free none the less, you will find this indie supergroup.  Fronted by talented songwriter James Flaunteroy, 80’s is pure guitar and drums organic poetry.  I can talk all day but I would rather you just click play and check out one of my favorites off their Flower of Life EP, “Ground.”   Download the entire project here.


Rockie Fresh – Nobody

Get ready people, time to hit 88 and grab your Nike MAG  sneaks because AOS is going to introduce you to one of the up and comers for 2013.  Rockie Fresh is straight out of Chicago and brings a refreshing style and visuals that seem higher quality than most top artists out there.  My only worry is that he is signed to Maybach and seeing how Wale’s sounds kinda of changed I do not want the same to happen to Rockie.  His mixtape, Electric Highway, comes out January 21st, and if you like this track you can d/l it for free here.