Broke For Free – Buddings

I will just let the jams continue, I posted Broke For Free a couple months back, and now they have released their full EP on the 4th of this month.  “Budding,” doesn’t disappoint, this is driving/surfing/movie montage type material.  Man oh man, keep it coming.


Broke For Free – Buddings

The Sound Defects – Da Da Da

Just a regular late night on a Sunday for me, finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping online.  I just watched the season finale of Dexter, and although it wasn’t as epic as the Rita finale, it still left me no clue on how the hell he will get out this situation.  He has gotten very sloppy the last couple of seasons, so this final season better be good.  Anyways here’s a smooth instrumental just dying for a Kanye or Common verse.  Check it out.


The Sound Defects – Da Da Da

Rihanna ft. Future – Loveeeee

I can’t figure out why so many people turned their back on T-Pain.  He is clearly talented, tries to dance, and really only cares about making good music.  I remember watching an interview with Kanye talking about his song, “Good Life,” and how he had so many different artists come in and give their ideas for the hook on that song.  T-Pain blew him away and made that song.  Anyways Future is essentially taking Pain’s style and making it a little more grimier.  That being said this cut off of Unapologetic, does a good job of making you sing along and getting it stuck in your head.  Check it out.


Rihanna ft. Future – Loveeeee

Wiz Khalifa ft. Juicy J – The Plan

I was losing hope after Wiz’s Cabin Fever mixtape, I thought maybe all the distractions of getting married, having a baby might have jaded him.  But he has just released his latest album O.N.I.F.C, which stands for… well google it.  Anyways I found myself preoccupied listening to Game’s and Big Boi’s album at the moment, but this track caught my attention.  A traditional laid back smooth track reminiscent of old Outkast.  Wiz and Juicy J go back and forth and describe where they are now and how making so much damn money wasn’t in the plan.  Anyways this has made me go back and give the album its due time.  Even though “Work Hard, Play Hard,” annoys me!


Wiz Khalifa ft. Juicy J – The Plan

Game ft. 2 Chainz and Rick Ross – Ali Bomaye

Game is back, and I have always been torn about him.  Obviously was a big fan around the G-Unit days, I still don’t know why I don’t hear “Hate It or Love It,” or ” This Is How We Do,” more often.  Lately he has been a little crazy dissing everyone from Jay-Z and beating up other rappers on YouTube.  When the man puts a little focus on music he can still make hits.  Jesus Piece kind of came out of nowhere.  I heard “Celebration,” and kinda was bored with it, but after listening to the album I am impressed.  “Ali Bomaye,” “Church,” and using D’Angelo’s legendary song “Lady,” on “All That.”  This guy has brought the heat once again.  “Ali Bomaye,” brings the best out of all three of these rappers.  Which was much-needed, as Ross seems to be making records that sound all alike and Chainz is hit or miss with his appearances.  They seem energetic and work well of each other.  Check it out and pick up his album just in time for Christmas.


Game ft. 2 Chainz and Rick Ross –  Ali Bomaye

Big Boi ft. Kid Cudi – She Hates Me

The next single off Big Boi’s upcoming album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, “She Hates Me,” does not disappoint.  Daddy Fat Sacks is back and again gives us a great album, full of organic guest apperances and surprising production from AOS favorites, Phantogram.  This track combines Mr. Rager with Billy Ocean talking about getting a girl to love them.  Big is still cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails on this one.  Pick up the album next week.


Big Boi ft. Kid Cudi – She Hates Me