Common – Cloth

I cannot stress how great this album is.  I did like both Be and Finding Forever, but I haven’t really enjoyed a Common album this much since Like Water For Chocolate.  Common and producer No I.D. have put together a hip hop conscious masterpiece.  The production is soulful and smooth, and combined with Common’s lyrics, make a perfect marriage.  I will probably be posting a song everyday till his album, the Dreamer, the Believer hits stores on the 20th.  Check out “Cloth,” just one of the many amazing tracks from this album.

Common – Cloth

Ke$ha ft. Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, & T.I. – Sleazy 2.0

Everybody jumps on this like we at the neighborhood block party on the bouncy castle!  Seriously, I aint seen hoppin’ this crazy since my girl stubbed her toe on the futon!  This is shakin’ the walls like a Golden Corral givin’ out buffets half-price!  You won’t get this out of your head without a lobotomy!  Keep it crunk!

Ke$ha ft. Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, & T.I. – Sleazy 2.0

T-Pain ft. Chris Brown – Look At Her Go

Ever since “Kiss Kiss,”  these guys have a great dynamic when they work together.  “Look At Her Go,” definitely has grown on me since I have been listening to Revolver in my car. T-Pain’s new album is pretty decent and definitely a good listen except for a few tracks.  His hit “5 O’clock is in heavy radio rotation and he has been on almost every late night stage on TV this week.  He even has been performing without Autotune. Anyways I definitely recommend it,  pick it up in stores now.

T-Pain ft. Chris Brown – Look At Her Go

Jason Derulo – Rest Of My Life

I gotta say I would always give Jason Derulo a hard time because all of his songs had old 80’s samples for production.  For a talented singer/songwriter I though he would have more original tracks.  In comes “Rest Of My Life,” written by One Republic frontman, Ryan Tedder. This song  showcases his talent, Tedder’s writing skills, and has an original beat.  Radio hit here we come.

Jason Derulo – Rest Of My Life


David Guetta – Hero

David Guetta continues on his hot streak with this new release, “Hero.”  Nothing new here just another electronic track with vocals, yet it just works.  Enjoy.

David Guetta – Hero


Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

This song comes from this American pop duo’s debut album, “Treats,” which was released back in May 2011.  My coworker Colleen who brought this to my attention, and with a name like Sleigh Bells I was expecting Christmas music, except for the bell noise I was pleasantly surprised.

Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill