Beyonce – Drunk In Love (Diplo)

I admit to also encourage people to check out the Weeknd’s version as well, but Diplo goes off on this one.  I highly recommend the play button on this one.

- drunk n luv (diplo remix)

Travis Garland – Where to Land

Wow, I have been hooked on this song for the last couple days. Travis Garland, previously of boy band, NLT, fame, is all grown up and comes out swinging with his Fashionably Late mixtape. Travis has had some decent tracks surface now and again with even the likes of Timbaland attached. “Where To Land,” gives us a smooth R&B serenade over a thumping bassline. Well done, and hope to hear more from Travis. Check out his soundcloud for more.


Travis Garland – Where to Land

Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up

Not sure how long this will last before being taking down.  A rough version of this song was leaked months ago and was pulled down, however YouTube featured nothing but person after person performing their own cover, blame the power of the internet.  Anyways here is a more mastered version, some say D. Guetta is the producer, a claim he denied on facebook the other day.  Anyways enjoy, Fortune, coming to stores July 3rd.

Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up