Hit Boy ft. 2 Chainz – Fan

If you haven’t checkout out Hit Boy’s free mixtape, HitStory, you are really missing out.  The Grammy Award winning producer (N*ggas In Paris) brings on 2 Chainz for the remix to “Fan.”  Listen close for the AOS favorite James Flaunteroy singing the hook.  Download here.


Game ft. 2 Chainz and Rick Ross – Ali Bomaye

Game is back, and I have always been torn about him.  Obviously was a big fan around the G-Unit days, I still don’t know why I don’t hear “Hate It or Love It,” or ” This Is How We Do,” more often.  Lately he has been a little crazy dissing everyone from Jay-Z and beating up other rappers on YouTube.  When the man puts a little focus on music he can still make hits.  Jesus Piece kind of came out of nowhere.  I heard “Celebration,” and kinda was bored with it, but after listening to the album I am impressed.  “Ali Bomaye,” “Church,” and using D’Angelo’s legendary song “Lady,” on “All That.”  This guy has brought the heat once again.  “Ali Bomaye,” brings the best out of all three of these rappers.  Which was much-needed, as Ross seems to be making records that sound all alike and Chainz is hit or miss with his appearances.  They seem energetic and work well of each other.  Check it out and pick up his album just in time for Christmas.


Game ft. 2 Chainz and Rick Ross –  Ali Bomaye

2 Chainz ft. The Weeknd – Like Me

I am kind of split on 2 Chainz, half of me thinks he is just a novelty, I kind of put him in a box with Gucci Mane and even Wayne sometimes, meaning they have great guest appearances, but whole songs are kind of tough to get through.  If you listen to the lyrics besides the catchy lines most of them are pretty laughable.  That being said I found some decent tracks on his latest album, Based on a TRU Story.  I like “Extremely Blessed,” ft. The Dream, “Countdown,” ft. Chris Brown, and the song below, “Like Me.”   Sampling the R&B crooner, 2 Chainz fits nicely over the sample.

2 Chainz ft. The Weeknd – Like Me