50 Cent ft. Kendrick Lamar and Kidd – We Up

Curtis continues on his path to reclaiming his music status by teaming up with his record family member and hottest new artist to come out of the West, Kendrick Lamar.  He unfortunately also features the next G-Unit artist on deck, Kidd Kidd.  “New Day,” was alright, “My Life,” I feel could have had a cleaner sounding beat, But “We Up,” I believe he has something here.  Street King Immortal is heating up to be something special, check out the unofficial video below.

50 Cent ft. Too Short – First Date

I just can’t get enough of the G-Unit general himself going off over these boom bap soulful beats.  He brings along West Coast legend Too Short along for the ride.  I must admit I wasn’t a fan of him singing the chorus, but it has grown on me.  Street King Immortal coming soon.

50 Cent ft. Too Short – First Date

50 Cent – You Will Never Take My Crown

I have to say I might be one of the few left that believes 50 Cent still is a viable artist, he proves time and time again his hard work ethic in music.  Any other artist who has made tens and hundreds of millions of dollars on a variety of business ventures would sit back and drop music once every couple of years if not retire.  Curtis continues to release music already having dropped the “Big 10,” and “Lost Tapes,” mixtapes this year.  Now he is releasing his latest offering this Friday on his website, thisis50.com.  I like the sample and the beat is aggressive, great gym music here.  Check it out.

50 Cent – You Will Never Take My Crown

50 Cent – I Get It In

Another one from the vault, this comes from the unreleased 50/Dr.Dre combo.  I gotta admit I like 50 more and more now that pretty much all of hip hop has turned his back on him.  He gives hands down the best interviews, doesn’t go to jail every other year like most rappers, and is actively on his way to feed a billion people in Africa.  This track was supposed to come out on his last album, but because of the days of the week lyrics, ” Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…,” which were also out in a Black Eyed Peas song at the time, he decided to shelve the project and never release it.  I love the simple drums and the orchestra hit, and this is a great song to have on the ipod at the gym.  Take a listen.

50 Cent – I Get It In

[audio http://www.hulkshare.com/dl/wn91vzyy6hg7/50+Cent+-+I+Get+It+In.mp3&titles=50 Cent – I Get It In.mp3]