Gym Class Heroes – Ass Back Home Remixes

This track is finally rising up the charts, so it is only right I show some of the better remixes that have surfaced on the internets. Enjoy.

Ass Back Home (Ashworth Remix)

Ass Back Home (Sex Ray Vision Remix)

Ass Back Home (Black Cards Remix)

Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder – The Fighter

I will give these guys credit, The Papercut Chronicles II, is filled with radio hit after radio hit.  With “The Fighter,” the Gym Class Heroes enlist the help of singer/songwriter and frontman of One Republic, Ryan Tedder.  Again they have struck pop hit gold, should be headed to a radio station near you, and also radio stations not near you.  Also see “”Ass Back Home”, posted previously on AOS.

Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder – The Fighter

Gym Class Heroes – Ass Back Home

Gym Class Heroes’ new album is shaping up nicely, this is the 3rd radio worthy track I have heard and I am impressed.  Featuring newcomer Neon Hitch, Travie and crew tell you to get your, “Ass Back Home.”  I also want to let everybody know the Always On Shuffle family has had a couple rough weeks, but we are dedicated to bringing you new music consistently.  Now that the smoke has cleared so to speak, keep checking back for a ton of new music to add to your playlists.

Gym Class Heroes – Ass Back Home