Jeremih ft. Drake – I Get Lonely Too

We at AOS try to bring you only quality music, sub par just doesn’t cut it around here.  Lately we have been having a hard time finding new music deserving of our site.  So to keep your ears busy with new tracks i have decided to post some from the vault.  These are tracks that never got released and should be new to most of our visitors.  The first of these tracks is “I Get Lonely Too.”  This track was originally planned for Drake’s R&B mixtape that was supposed to be released after, Thank Me Later came out.  Unfortunately for his fans, Drake (aka his record label) decided to shop around these tracks to other artists.  Jeremih,  took on the track, added his vocals, and here is the result.  I added the original for comparison.  I actually dig them both, hear it for yourself.

Jeremih ft. Drake – I Get Lonely Too

Drake – I Get Lonely Too