Justice – Ohio

Off of Justice’s latest album, “Ohio,” is full of Beatlesque “Gnik Nus,” vocals and an addictive electronic beat.  Lupe then sampled the beat for his new mixtape, previously posted on AOS, in which he raps about his favorite 90’s urban drama movies.  Check out both below. But first check out this bad ass picture of the group, Justice. Yeah thats right, looks like these dudes got a great deal on some leather jackets and shades on Black Friday.  So they decided to rock them out in a cool B&W pic probably taken at Sears. But I totally caught the dude in the back covering up his Cats, the musical t-shirt.  Never the less, these guys have put together a great album.

Justice – Ohio

[audio http://www.hulkshare.com/dl/n2acjn52timl/Justice-Ohio.mp3&titles=Justice-Ohio.mp3]

Lupe Fiasco – Double Burger with Cheese

[audio http://www.hulkshare.com/dl/rjpqnt48xsb0/04+Double+Burger+with+Cheese.mp3&titles=04 Double Burger with Cheese.mp3]

Lupe Fiasco – The End of Time

Lupe Fiasco is back with a new mixtape.  It’s great how the music industry has evolved; artists are in more creative control and can release material to spark interest for their actual album.  Also the artist does not have to pay royalties on songs sampled for mixtape material, giving them complete freedom.  Here, Lupe samples M83’s “Midnight City.”  This actually works quite well, d/l Friend of the People: I Fight Evil now!


Lupe Fiasco – The End of Time

[audio http://www.hulkshare.com/dl/22gr9c1rsvk3/Lupe+Fiasco+-+The+End+Of+The+World.mp3]