Rick Ross ft. Usher – Touch ‘N You

Usher returns the favor and hops on his “Lemme See,” co-star’s first single.  Officer Ricky is back and has no signs of stopping, this guy is everywhere.  Although take away product references and I am not sure if he would have anything to say.

Rick Ross ft. Usher – Touch ‘N You

Usher feat. Rick Ross – Lemme See

Usher is on a roll, this brings me back to “Confessions,” just hit after hit.  First we get “Climax,” then “Scream,” now a certified future radio hit, “Lemme See.”  With the assistance of Officer Ricky, complete with Trayvon Martin reference, this song has a great sound and addictive lyrics.   Check it out, he is also on SNL tonight.

Usher feat. Rick Ross – Lemme See

Usher – Climax

Here comes the first new Usher record we have heard in a long time, the one time prince of pop has been outshined recently by the likes of Chris Brown and Trey Songz. It’s called “Climax”, and I have chosen to let you hear a mix version with Joe Budden featured in the beginning. Enjoy!

Usher – Climax