Ace Hood ft. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, and Wale – Body 2 Body

I want to start off by saying I despise DJ Khaled.  If you didn’t produce a song, or write anything on it, i am dumbfounded how you get to put your name on it and yell annoying ad libs such as, “REMIX!,” and “WE THE BEST.”  He even yells his name, I can’t take it.  Anyways here is Ace Hood’s single which pretty much survives due to Chris Brown singing the hook, you could pretty much put any rapper on this song and it would work.  Here is the remix with Officer Ricky and Wale along for the ride.

Ace Hood ft. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, and Wale – Body 2 Body

Wale ft. Big Sean – Slight Work

Wale has put out another solid album, and this track right here is my guilty pleasure.  Not sure if it’s the police siren sample (really fun playing this loud with the windows down), or just the random sound effect beat, but this thing gets you bobbing your head.  Maybe I am alone on this one, but check it out.

Wale ft. Big Sean – Slight Work

Wale ft. Lloyd – Sabotage

D.C.’s finest recently released his new album Ambition, and after a quick listen, I can say this album is pretty solid. After you skip over the first 3 or 4 tracks, you have a ton of possible radio singles.  We have already posted “Lotus Flower Bomb,” and “Ambition.”  Today we give you “Sabotage,” featuring R&B crooner, Lloyd.    This is prime radio material, and Lloyd fits well with Wale.   If you listen closely you can hear a major Michael Jackson influence in Lloyd’s singing on this track.  As a bonus I have included an iTunes only track off Lloyd’s album that never gained the radio play it deserved. Check them both out.

Wale ft. Lloyd – Sabotage

Lloyd ft. 50 Cent – Let’s Get It In