Kanye West vs. Washed Out – Diamonds From Far Away (Carlos Serrano Mix)

Carlos Serrano I applaud you, in taking Kanye’s “Diamonds,” and giving it a dramatic turn using Washed Out as a musical backdrop.  Alright I made that deeper than it needed to be.  Did anybody catch Justin Bieber last night on SNL, awful, anyways enjoy!


Washed Out – New Theory (RAC Mix)

Happy Monday everybody!  To start your day off we bring a remix of Washed Out’s mellow track “New Theory.”  This is off their Life of Leisure EP.  This would make a great music montage song, and it has already been featured in the credits of How To Make It In America.  Speaking of montages, I remember watching Baywatch (for the storyline of course) and that show was full of them.  Slow motion, running on the beach, Pamela Anderson bouncing everywhere, and long montages.  No wonder the Europeans loved it.

Washed Out – New Theory (RAC Mix)