The Weeknd ft. Drake – The Zone

This is one of the first songs posted on this blog over a year ago.  Now with the re-release of his mixtape trilogy, we finally get a visual for the song.  Smooth R&B at its finest with a Drake verse as a reward for hanging in there till the end.

2 Chainz ft. The Weeknd – Like Me

I am kind of split on 2 Chainz, half of me thinks he is just a novelty, I kind of put him in a box with Gucci Mane and even Wayne sometimes, meaning they have great guest appearances, but whole songs are kind of tough to get through.  If you listen to the lyrics besides the catchy lines most of them are pretty laughable.  That being said I found some decent tracks on his latest album, Based on a TRU Story.  I like “Extremely Blessed,” ft. The Dream, “Countdown,” ft. Chris Brown, and the song below, “Like Me.”   Sampling the R&B crooner, 2 Chainz fits nicely over the sample.

2 Chainz ft. The Weeknd – Like Me