Bastille – Pompeii (Acoustic)

There’s no doubt that Bastille has blown up this year with their smash “Pompeii.”  It’s crazy to see how far these guys have come since we first posted their song “Flaws” 2 years ago when the band was just beginning to be formed.  What really surprised me was not the fact that they’ve gained this huge mass following now, but rather how  talented these guys are live.  It seems anyone can make a hit single these days, but when you strip out all the effects and autotune what are you left with?  These guys prove that you can still make incredible music just with a voice and guitar.

Jon Waltz – Bang

Whoa whoa WHOA.  Ever since I first took a listen to “Bang” I have not been able to stop playing this track.  The trance inducing beat captures you right from the gate, but it’s the flow and the way the lyrics masterfully paint a picture that really bring this record home (not to mention a killer hook).  If this dude doesn’t make it, something is wrong with this industry. Do yourself a favor and check out this kid’s soundcloud, this looks to be only the beginning…

Jon Waltz – Bang

Panama – Always

Who can’t go for a little feel good music from Down Under? Wait… I don’t know if that came out right. Point being, Panama is a band hailing from Australia who is making waves across the internets with the title track of their latest EP, “Always.” To hear more, check out their band camp here.


Panama – Always

Sr. Sly – Found You Out

Not much is known about Sr. Sly, just that they hail from Los Angeles, CA and they have been getting some serious airplay across the internets.  They released their first track, “Ghost , about a month back which ended up topping the Hype Machine charts.  I guess when it’s good music, there’s not much you need to know.  Just listen and enjoy…


Sr. Sly – Found You Out


Mumford and Sons – Below My Feet

Mumford and Sons have just released their sophomore album, Babel, yesterday as follow up to their wildly successful album Sigh No More released back in 2010.  Though they are only on their 2nd album these guys are already legendary,  bringing an original sound that is now imitated by many but successfully pulled off by few.  Their new release features much of their same signature sound, with dynamic buildups and drop offs that keep the listener on a musical roller coaster.  This time around, they’ve taken that recipe for success and spiced it up even more, adding even more killer harmonies and really highlighting the peripheral instruments like keys and banjo.  Here’s one of two performances from this past week on SNL. Whoever thought music could be created by actually playing instruments, singing with no technological interference, and harmonizing with your fellow man?  Brilliant.

Avicii – Stay With You feat. Mike Posner

The road from underground electronic DJ to the mainstream can be extremely difficult for anyone trying to make that transition (even though it seems like anyone with a Macbook can be considered a “DJ” these days).  That is of course, unless you’re Avicii, and you step onto the scene creating that one song every artist works their whole life to create. Avicii is  now following in the footsteps of those before him, and crossing over into the pop scene.  Here he collaborates with SF artist, Mike Posner, for a track that may not quite be “Levels” caliber, but sure to be heard in every club you go.

Avicii – Stay With You feat. Mike Posner

Logic – Numbers

Man it’s hard out there to be a rapper coming up, but this kid seems to be holding his own.  The 22 year old out of Maryland just recently dropped his new mix tape Young Sinatra: Undeniable and landed a hit with this single, “Numbers.”  I can’t help but hear Drizzy when I listen to this song, but his mixtape would prove otherwise as his flows are versatile and he tears every beat he lays rhymes to.  You can listen to the full mixtape here.

Logic- Numbers


Tiesto- Chasing Summer

Tiesto recently dropped his new single, “Chasing Summer,” of his upcoming album Club Life: Volume 2- Miami.  Ahhh, it’s only a matter of time before Flo Rida gets a hold of this one and makes a remix that haunts us all summer long.

Tiesto- Chasing Summers

Meg Myers – Adelaide

Watch out world, Meg Myers is the real deal. Her recently dropped EP Daughter in the Choir has been catching a lot of buzz and for good reason. This girl is fierce, and proves it with her powerful, raw voice and lyrical rage.  She has one hell of a personality too, as exemplified in her recent interview with LAist. You can download her album for free on her website.

Meg Myers – Adelaide

Calvin Harris – You Used to Hold Me (Trampboat Remix)

There is no denying the year that Calvin Harris has had following his smash hit with Rihanna’s “We Found Love.”   Here, one of his classics is remixed by an electro-house duo out of Finland by the name of Trampboat. Overloaded with heavy glitches and synths they transform this already originally catchy dance tune into a mega-dance remix.

Calvin Harris – You Used to Hold Me (Trampboat Remix)