Ambassadors – Unconsolable

Hailing from Ithaca, that’s right Ithaca, the Ambassadors bring a fresh sound and a catchy song with “Unconsolable.”  Below is the live version and studio version.  These guys have amazing talent and hopefully will start getting some airplay.  Recently they are on the soundtrack to EA’ Need For Speed: Most Wanted, so hopefully they get the exposure they deserve.

UGK & OutKast- Int’l Players Anthem (Woody’s Produce Remix)

California native, Woody’s Produce, gives us a fresh take on some classics featuring rap’s greatest duo, Outkast.  Here he takes UGK’s hit “International Players Anthem,” and adds some electric synths and acoustic guitar, making it a completely different sounding song.  Will we ever see another Outkast album, who knows, Big Boi is doing big things on his own, but all these Andre 3000 features are starting to annoy me.  Just get the damn thing done already.


UGK & OutKast- Int’l Players Anthem (Woody’s Produce Remix)