Broke For Free – Buddings

I will just let the jams continue, I posted Broke For Free a couple months back, and now they have released their full EP on the 4th of this month.  “Budding,” doesn’t disappoint, this is driving/surfing/movie montage type material.  Man oh man, keep it coming.


Broke For Free – Buddings

The Sound Defects – Da Da Da

Just a regular late night on a Sunday for me, finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping online.  I just watched the season finale of Dexter, and although it wasn’t as epic as the Rita finale, it still left me no clue on how the hell he will get out this situation.  He has gotten very sloppy the last couple of seasons, so this final season better be good.  Anyways here’s a smooth instrumental just dying for a Kanye or Common verse.  Check it out.


The Sound Defects – Da Da Da