Kanye West vs. Washed Out – Diamonds From Far Away (Carlos Serrano Mix)

Carlos Serrano I applaud you, in taking Kanye’s “Diamonds,” and giving it a dramatic turn using Washed Out as a musical backdrop.  Alright I made that deeper than it needed to be.  Did anybody catch Justin Bieber last night on SNL, awful, anyways enjoy!


Solange – Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix)

Having the most famous R&B singer for a sister can’t be that awful, but when you are in the same business, I can how that can overshadow your own career.  Solange has been at it for awhile now, and she seems to steer clear of regular pop and r&b and make her own imprint with her music.  Cyril Hahn takes her current hit “Losing You,” turns the vocals monotone and puts an eerie electric feel to it.  The result: something you should listen to immediately.