Young Jeezy ft. Andre 3000, Jay-Z – I Do

The Ice Cream Man over a soulful beat? Check. Two heavyweight features? Absolutely. I will literally listen to anything featuring Andre 3000, its just a rule I have. But here we have not just 3 stacks but Jay as well. This sounds good, seems similar to a Kanye beat. Now if only Andre 3000 could call up Big Boi and get a new Outkast album finished. So far Andre has been on Drake’s, Lloyd’s, and now Jeezy’s album, how about he finally jumps on his own. Pick up Jeezy’s album December 20th, just in time for the holidays.

Young Jeezy ft. Andre 3000, Jay-Z – I Do

Avicii – Don’t Give Up On Us (Aylen &ThatMoment Remix)

Another Avicii mix? Why yes, his music is that good and he has been on fire this year. A clear example of this are the amount of people taking his work and mixing over and over. While there are some bad mixes out the the following one is pretty damn good. Check out “Don’t Give Up On Us (Aylen and ThatMoment Mix).”

Avicii – Don’t Give Up On Us (Aylen &ThatMoment Remix)

Old Amica – New Start

There is something very soothing about this track from Old Amica. “New Start,” has a simple piano, guitar and vocal formula, but together they make a perfect combination for a great track. Old Amica is a two man group from Sweden, one from Stockholm and the other from Umea. Over the internet they have combined to form the group and put together a pretty solid body of work. Check out their soundcloud for more music:

Old Amica – New Start