Lupe Fiasco – The End of Time

Lupe Fiasco is back with a new mixtape.  It’s great how the music industry has evolved; artists are in more creative control and can release material to spark interest for their actual album.  Also the artist does not have to pay royalties on songs sampled for mixtape material, giving them complete freedom.  Here, Lupe samples M83’s “Midnight City.”  This actually works quite well, d/l Friend of the People: I Fight Evil now!


Lupe Fiasco – The End of Time


Chris Brown – First 48

“Man all these cameras are bananas…,”  Coming off a great performance at the American Music Awards, I decided to post a song off Breezy’s latest mixtape,  Boy In Detention.  After the success of his last mixtape, which first gave us his singles, “Deuces,” and “No Bullshit,” Chris decides to take a stab at his MC skills, and they aren’t half bad.  “First 48,” is the opening track and features  Mr. Brown rapping over a   looped drum beat and horns.  I gotta be honest, this is a great track to throw on your iPod when you go for a run.  I am also re posting the R&B highlight from the release which had been previously posted on AOS, “Leave the Club.”  Click the title to download the mixtape.  I have also managed to find the below pic from his Fresh Prince of Bel Air phase.

Chris Brown – First 48

Chris Brown – Leave the Club

Kaskade ft. Marcus Bently – Let Me Go

Kaskade’s new album is solid start to finish, he has his traditional electronic high energy tracks as well as his “Ice” versions in which he concentrates more on an almost acoustic, toned down versions of his tracks which sound just as good.  Kaskade invites singer, writer, and guitar player Marcus Bently, on “Let Me Go.”  I could literally post every track from this album, but that would be obnoxious, and also take me a long time.  Currently I am in a food coma, and deciding whether or not I am going to the local Wal-Mart to buy laundry detergent.  Yes, I know, most would ask why the hell I would even attempt to join the crowds of people all trying to get a crappy TV at a cheap price.  But I will find it entertaining and I really would like to get some laundry done.   That is all.


Kaskade ft. Marcus Bentley – Let Me Go