A Message From the Editor…

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!  We hope you all had a great night filled with excessive drinking (no driving!) and debauchery.  We want to thank everyone who has stuck with us since we launched on September 5th of last year,  everyone who might be checking out our site for the first time, and everyone who has joined along the way.   Our posts have been few and far between for the past few weeks, and in actuality we’ve only been operating at about 50% as my laptop was stolen and I haven’t had a computer for about a month and a half now (I know, I know; Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion).  Big thanks goes out to Justin for keeping the site going and keeping the dream alive. With all that said, let’s make 2012 the best year we’ve ever had- because if the world ends, fuck it, at least we went out with a bang.  Now let’s get this party started…

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