Bastille- Flaws

South Londoner Dan Smith began creating/releasing music under the alias Bastille for close to a year now.  Since finding some success on the internet, he decided to transform this once side project into a full band and thus his first single “Flaws.”  Here he brings a catchy tune backed with some heavy background vocals to fill out the light electro-pop beat that makes for solid first single.  Also attached is his cover of City High’s “What would you do?” which has catapulted him to the top of the internet charts.  An interesting take on the group’s huge smash single, bringing in an eerie beat and haunting vocals, which brings some reality to the lyrics as opposed to the happy tune we all know and love about a girl who can’t afford to support her child so she strips for money and ran away from her abuse father.  Wait, what?


Bastille- What Would You Do (City High cover)

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