Tyga feat. Drake – Still Got It

Tyga, Young Money’s next artist up, receives an old Drake track and makes it his own for his official second single.  I really enjoyed “Far, Far Away”, (previously posted on AOS) and really like this young kid from Compton.  Behind Drake and Nicki, I think he is the only other viable artist from the label.  So check this out, as well as for a bonus the original Drake track.

Tyga feat. Drake – Still Got It

Drake – Still Got It

Cassie feat. Fabolous – Radio

Diddy’s old girlfriend is back at the music business and ready to try again with “Radio.”  Cassie ran into some trouble back in the day with some awful live performances which gave her some motivation to stick back to modeling.  This time using the infamous Mobb Deep sample and with the help of Loso, she brings us a “Radio” single, wow that was really corny, give it a listen.

Cassie feat. Fabolous – Radio