Phone Rings Goodbye – Brenton Duvall

This is why I love music so much, because you can take songs, sample, mix and make them something completely new and different. Case in point, Brenton Duvall takes an instrumental from the soundtrack of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind called “Phone Call,” slows it down and adds Mike Posner’s, “Save your Goodbye,” and now you have a new masterpiece.  This track is very addicting, I have had this on repeat for about two days.

Phone Rings Goodbye – Brenton Duvall

Kap Slap – Chris Brown’s Temper

Our favorite frat DJ is back with a Chris Brown/Rihanna mashup. Chris brown according to Busta Rhymes “has been to hell and back.”  He has bounced back pretty quickly and even has gotten Rihanna back as a fan according to her recent interview in Esquire. Check it out.

Kap Slap – Chris Brown’s Temper

Follow My Lead – Joe Budden

Remember “Pump It Up,”  well that Joe Budden is gone, instead we have a proven lyricist and 1/4 of the hip hop super group, Slaughterhouse.  This track was off his latest Mood Muzik mixtape and does not disappoint.  Using his storytelling technique, Joe tells us what he could do without.  As a bonus is Shady Records absolutely annihilating the competition in the BET awards Cypher.

Follow My Lead – Joe Budden

Shady 2.0 Cypher