Stalley ft. Rick Ross- Lincoln Way Nights (Shop Remix)

Are you an up and coming rapper who needs a smash hit?  There’s a very short list of people you can call for a feature to make sure of it, but I would include Ricky Rozay in that category.  Here he’s featured on Stalley’s “Lincoln Way Nights,” the title track to his upcoming album dropping November 8th.  Stalley has been gaining more recognition since his cypher on the BET awards with the likes of Wale, Meek Mill, and even the bawse himself.  I still think he should cut that stupid f*%&ing beard.

Stalley ft. Rick Ross- Lincoln Way NIghts (Shop Remix)

Fadi- Ticket to the Sky

“Ticket to the Sky” was actually posted to Fadi’s Soundcloud close to a year ago, however the track actually just started picking up traction on the Hype Machine within the past few days.  In trying to research this guy, there’s not really a whole lot to go off of online except for the fact that he’s from Budapest, Hungary… pretty bad ass if you ask me.  In checking out his page, I’ve found a whole boat load of stuff that is ready for to make its way to the club.  Check it out