Expo – Right Here With Me

Expo is a new electo-pop group out of Belgium that have started to create a little buzz on the internets.  This is their 2nd single, involving the classic recipe for a good track:  Simple drum track+heavy synths+catcy chorus+piano breakdown.  Can’t really go wrong here. Also included is their first track, “I Don’t Mind”

Expo – Right Here With Me

Expo- I Don’t Mind

Taio Cruz – Hangover

David Guetta’s go to guy releases his first single off his new album.  Originally supposed to be what came to be “Good Feelin” feat. Flo Rida,  “Hangover,” now his lead single and this song has legs, expect to hear this in clubs and on the radio non-stop.

Taio Cruz – Hangover

Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out (Weeknd Mix)

If you haven’t been keeping up with the new R&B scene, Canadian artist, The Weeknd, has been gaining a lot of exposure with his subtle emo style.  I am a big fan of both his mixtapes and on the new Machine album, he and Benny Benassi were given the opportunity to interpret their new single “Shake It Out.” Check it out.

Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out (Weeknd Mix)

Common – Blue Sky

Common is an artist who has been around for a long time, and throughout his career he has been fortunate to have great production to accompany his signature flow (except Universal Mind Control, sorry Pharrell).  He has worked with DJ Premier, J Dilla, The Roots, and Kanye West  His latest album, The Dreamer, The Believer, is produced mostly by Chicago native No I.D., producer of countless hits for Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Usher, and most recently Big Sean.  “Blue Sky,” is his second single following his street single, “Ghetto Dreams.”

Common – Blue Sky