Slow Down Honey- One I Know

Yet another gloomy day in Buffalo, and I’m on the search for something that will raise the spirits a little.  Slow Down Honey, is a quartet out of Australia that brings some fire and funk.  We’ve been finding a bunch of good groups out of Australia, could Indie music be their greatest export besides Foster’s (australian for beer) and funny accents?

The One I Know – Slow Down Honey


HOHME- Love Collision

David Heyerman, a.k.a. HOHME, is slowly climbing the hype machine charts with his new dance mix “Love Collision”,  this time including the sounds of Florence and the Machine, Afrojack, Leona Lewis, and Mark Knight.  He’s also got a pretty interesting take of Avicii’s “Levels.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid is the next of the wave of mash up artists to blow up, check out his sound cloud for more.

Jay-Z & Adele – Won’t Go

Producers Urban Noize just released their Adele / Jay mashup album.  Hailing from Miami, these two have combined to blend vocals from each artist, to make cohesive songs as if they were recorded together in the first place.  “Won’t go,” combines “Wishing on a Star,” and “He Won’t Go.”.  Download the full album at

Jay-Z & Adele – Won’t Go