Foster The People – Helena Beat

With “Pumped Up Kicks” getting so much airplay I thought I would post another favorite from their album, Addicted to Company.  “Helena Beat,” grabs you with a “MGMT” sound, and addictive upbeat tempo.  They are having a breakout year and it is well deserved.  With “Kicks” hitting number one on the alternative chart, and an album full of radio singles, Foster The People will be dominating radio this year and into next.


Foster The People – Helena Beat

Bonus: Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks DJ Reflex Mix w/ Kendrick Lamar

Pretty Lights – Country Roads

Well it’s been about a week and we appreciate all the great feedback we have been receiving.  One of the many comments I received was “What about country?”  To be honest that is one genre I know the least about.  So to be true to our audience I bring you a remix of John Denver’s classic “West Virginia.”  I know this is a stretch but I am really digging the looping of the guitar chords.  Named after a tagline from a Pink Floyd poster, Pretty Lights aka Derek Vincent Smith is a college dropout who followed his love of music.  He now runs his own company, Pretty Lights Music, in which he offers his and other artist’s albums for free only asking for an optional donation.

Pretty Lights – Country Roads