Reptar – Context Clues

With a name like Reptar, how can you go wrong?  I mean honestly, I really could care less if their music was complete garbage, any time your reference the Rugrats you’re ok in my book.  Coming from the Greater Atlanta region, this group is able to cross multiple genres in their tune “Context Clues.”  It starts off as your standard indie tune spiced with what sounds like an old school alarm clock, an owl, and a copy machine sampled in the background, then moves to an electo jam around the 2:30 mark, finally transforming into a full ensemble with horns and all.  Hipsters… eat this up.

Reptar – Context Clues from Reptar Music on Vimeo.

Real Estate – It’s Real

Another gray, mildly unpleasant day in Buffalo and I figure we could use a track that brings back the feeling of summer and sunshine.  Real Estate is a quartet out of Ridgewood, NJ, however on this track they bring a vibe of the California coast.  This tune can really onle be defined as surf pop, combining complimenting twangy electric guitars, heavily reverbed vocals, as well as a hook full of harmonies that gives off a modern day beach boys vibe.

Real Estate – It’s Real