Flo Rida – Good Feelin’

I have had this song for at least a month now, and it still hasn’t hit the radio due to some last minute production changes.  We here at AlwaysOnShuffle are huge fans of the Swedish DJ, Avicii, specifically his latest hit, “Levels.”   For Flo Rida’s first single, “Good Feelin,” Avicii’s instrumental was used as the main track for the song.  Earlier this month, Avicii had to take Leona Lewis to court for the same thing in using his track “Fade Into Darkness.”  Well, either Flo Rida’s producer was again using Avicii’s work without permission, or maybe the price was too much, but now we have a completely different reference track only using the same soul sample.  Below I have posted the original Avicii smash hit, the Flo Rida track over Avicii, as well as the final version which is now available on iTunes.  It is interesting to hear the version that will never be played to the public.  See which one you prefer.

Flo Rida – Good Feelin’ (Final Version)

Flo Rida feat. Avicii – Good Feelin’

Avicii – Levels


Timbaland feat. Pitbull – Pass At Me

Brand new, you heard it hear first.  Timbaland along with help from David Guetta and Pitbull gives us this uptempo club track.  Not sure if I am digging this as Pitbull tends to get on my nerves, also they use an awful voice effect in the middle.  But check it out and hear it for yourself.

Timbaland – Pass At Me

Coldplay- Paradise

Here’s the 2nd single off Coldplay’s soon to be released album “Mylo Xyloto,” due October 24th. This track falls right in line with that signature sound that was so prevalent on their last album, Viva la Vida, which they have been developing over their past four albums.  No surprises here as it is that classic Coldplay that their fans have grown to know and love.

Coldplay- Paradise

Labtracks – Robotic Love (Lenno Remix)

I don’t know what I find more amazing, the fact that the Finnish producer Lenno is able to create dance mixes that are so completely hypnotizing such as Robotic Love, or that the kid is only 16. That’s right, 16!  Attacking this track with a Daft Punk-like sound, this song has the energy and bass to get any party started.  Whether getting wild at a pre-game or fist pumping out the window on your way downtown, this is definitely one you’re going to want to keep on your playlist.  Check out more at http://soundcloud.com/lenno

Labtracks- Robotic Love (Lenno Mix)

15 Years…

Today marks the 15th anniversary of  Tupac Shakur’s untimely death off the Vegas strip.  As a rapper, poet, actor, and activist, arguably no other artist has been able to leave such an impact on music culture since Elvis and the Beatles.  Being a hip hop fan in my teens, I followed his career, and it was a sad day when he passed.  Everybody has good and bad opinions of his legacy, but he was a influential artist who was taken well before his time. RIP.

2pac – Changes