Freestyle Friday: Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy

Well it appears we have another request off the hotline, and so as promised we deliver… more Drake!  This request comes from Gino, who is one of the only people I know who still works off the barter system.  He decided to exchange a pack of starburst, three lightbulbs, and his convertible for the day in exchange for his request “Dreams Money Can Buy,” the first single off Drake’s upcoming album Take Care, and a shout out to his girlfriend for her birthday.  And with that I say, “Happy Birthday Michelle” as well as deliver a few bonus tracks for your listening pleasure to cap off our first Freestyle Friday.  Thanks again to everyone who submitted a request, and keep them coming!

Drake- Dreams Money Can Buy

Drake- Headlines

Drake- Marvin’s Room

JoJo- Marvin’s Room (Remix)


Freestyle Friday continues, and Jessica from Fredonia is pretty pumped after attending the F.A.M.E concert and wants to here more Breezy.  More Breezy you shall receive, Jessica.  If we avoid the elephant in the room and disregard his personal life, Chris Brown is one hell of an entertainer.  This man is the closest thing we have to MJ, and even shares the legend’s history of controversy.  Below I give you a megamix of new and old, as well as some unreleased tracks.

Chris Brown – Forever

Chris Brown – Beautiful People

Chris Brown – Kiss Kiss feat. T-Pain

T-Pain – Best Love Song feat. Chris Brown

Chris Brown – Glow in the Dark

FREESTYLE FRIDAY: The Roots – The Fire

Yet another request for Freestyle Friday, this one coming from Doctor Kaiser.  Now, my friend Kaiser isn’t even close to being a real doctor, and to tell you the truth I really don’t know why we call him that.  It might be because his first name is a mystery to most, so people just call him doctor instead.  Anyways, I must say, he does have great taste in hip hop.  His choice today is from one of the greatest live hip hop groups of all time, the Roots, off of their latest album How I Got Over, and features John Legend.

The Roots- The Fire (feat. John Legend)

FREESTYLE FRIDAY: Holy Ghost! – Some Children

Freestyle Friday is here, and this one comes from Jeff in D.C.  Holy Ghost! is a duo from the West Side of New York City.  After their first hip hop group disbanded, Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel decided to make more electronic sounding music and developed remixes for such artists as Moby and MGMT.  “Some Children,” gets help from the 80’s crooner Michael McDonald, and gives us a catchy bass line and some heavy synth keyboards.  Check it out!

Holy Ghost! – Some Children

FREESTYLE FRIDAY: Jake Owen – Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Yeah I can’t believe it either people.  Again Country is not my strong point, but today is Freestyle Friday, and we appreciate everybody that visits the site, so we are giving random followers their chance to share what they are listening to.  This one comes from Jessica from Buffalo, NY.  I have to admit here, the “whoaoooo” chorus gets you, so I can see why this is topping the country charts right now.  Who is the Christian Bale/WWE superstar look-a-like who sings this you ask?  Why it’s Jake Owen, former golf pro prospect who unfortunately had a career ending wakeboarding accident (I couldn’t made that up if I tried).  While recovering he learned to play guitar, and luckily for Jessica and the rest of the Country fan base, it turns out he plays it pretty well.

Jake Owen – Barefoot Blue Jean Night