Kap Slap – Paper Towels!

The following Mash Up contains five, count them, five different songs.  Technically one of those is dialogue from a comedy skit from the where the song title is derived.  This masterpiece is brought to you by a Senior from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  The name comes from his fraternity, Kappa Alpha, in which while funneling a beer, a 151 shot of Bacardi (“the slap”) is added hence Kap Slap.  Head to his website for many more mashups to D/L. – JJ

Kap Slap – Paper Towels!


Inspired Flight – Wonderwall Remix

As you can tell from the previous posts, we here at AOS have a wide spectrum of musical tastes and we try to post a little something for everybody. Every once and a while I find something truly unique and this gem is one of those songs. This duo from San Diego has taken Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and mixed it with Radiohead, Postal Service, Morcheeba, and even Blur to create one heck of a musical buffet. Enjoy. – JJ

Inspired Flight – Wonderwall Remix


Atlas Genius – Trojans

It appears not much is known of the indie pop group out of Australia, however what we do know is that the band was formed in 2009 and is comprised of three Aussie brothers (Keith, Steven , and Michael) and a keyboardist (Darren) from the U.K.  Their first single, “Trojans,” has been blowing up on the internet since the beginning of summer, and I expect we should be hearing more from them soon.  Check out their blog at http://www.atlasgenius.com/ for a free download.