Childish Gambino- Break

Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino, has been emerging as one of the biggest internet sensations in the rap game.  More well known as one of the stars of the hit NBC show Community, Donald started his rap career as simply a side project.  Since then, he has taken off with his incredible talent for extremely witty and often hilarious punchlines that will leave you saying, “damn, did he really just say that?”  Here is Gambino’s take on Kanye West’s “All of The Lights” which I haven’t been able to stop playing for months now.  If you like that, also check out the video below where he held an impromptu concert at a steakhouse in Idaho.  Prepare to be dumbfounded.

Chilidish Gambino- Break

Childish Gambino- Impromptu Concert in Idaho

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