B.O.B. – Strange Clouds feat. Lil’ Wayne

Fresh from the internet is B.O.B’s first single off his Sophomore album.  “Strange Clouds,” chooses a more party/street tone rather than the top 40/pop singles we were accustomed to from his last album (Nothin’ On You, Airplanes, Magic).  He has brought along Lil’ Wayne to help out.  Nowadays artists release “street” singles to get buzz and then follow up with a single that will get radio play.  This is that street single, I would imagine he will have a hit with a guest artist singing the hook, just a wild guess.  *Bonus, I included one of my favorites from his last album, acoustic, pretty much the opposite of “Strange Clouds,” but really shows you this guys talent.

B.O.B – Strange Clouds feat. Lil’ Wayne

B.O.B. – Lovelier Than You

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