About 2 years ago I drove to the House of Blues in Cleveland to see an up and coming MC from Canada.  He had an amazing mixtape and had the blessed ability to rap and sing in tune.  All his songs weren’t about cars, rims, or derogatory terms for women either.  He was a child star on a kids show and embraced it and even grew up in a middle class neighborhood.  No drug dealing past, never been to jail, just a kid who enjoyed entertaining since he was young and wanted to write stories in the form of song.  That artist has grown up to be one of the top Hip Hop  artists out, and he got to the top by picking the road less traveled.  He takes the art form and is not afraid to go outside of the box.  Check out two of his early songs from his mixtape So Far Gone.

Lykke Li – Little Bit feat. Drake

Drake – Houstatlantavegas

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