FREESTYLE FRIDAY: Jake Owen – Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Yeah I can’t believe it either people.  Again Country is not my strong point, but today is Freestyle Friday, and we appreciate everybody that visits the site, so we are giving random followers their chance to share what they are listening to.  This one comes from Jessica from Buffalo, NY.  I have to admit here, the “whoaoooo” chorus gets you, so I can see why this is topping the country charts right now.  Who is the Christian Bale/WWE superstar look-a-like who sings this you ask?  Why it’s Jake Owen, former golf pro prospect who unfortunately had a career ending wakeboarding accident (I couldn’t made that up if I tried).  While recovering he learned to play guitar, and luckily for Jessica and the rest of the Country fan base, it turns out he plays it pretty well.

Jake Owen – Barefoot Blue Jean Night

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