Freestyle Friday: Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy

Well it appears we have another request off the hotline, and so as promised we deliver… more Drake!  This request comes from Gino, who is one of the only people I know who still works off the barter system.  He decided to exchange a pack of starburst, three lightbulbs, and his convertible for the day in exchange for his request “Dreams Money Can Buy,” the first single off Drake’s upcoming album Take Care, and a shout out to his girlfriend for her birthday.  And with that I say, “Happy Birthday Michelle” as well as deliver a few bonus tracks for your listening pleasure to cap off our first Freestyle Friday.  Thanks again to everyone who submitted a request, and keep them coming!

Drake- Dreams Money Can Buy

Drake- Headlines

Drake- Marvin’s Room

JoJo- Marvin’s Room (Remix)

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