Benny Benassi – Cinema

Good Morning, Good Morning Everybody!  Sorry had to say that to wake myself up.  It’s Saturday and I wanted to share some electro house music to get your weekend started.  Benny Benassi is an Italian DJ and producer, as well as a grammy award winner.  To be honest I remember hearing his hit “Satisfaction” back in the day but really never heard of his name till this year.  That’s because he has had two huge singles off his album, Electroman.  If you have gone out in the past year, there is no doubt you have heard “Beautiful People,” with Chris Brown or “Cinema.”  Below check out “Cinema” as well as a remix and his original hit that put him on the map.

Benny Benassi – Cinema

Benny Benassi – Cinema Skrillex Mix *(this version is our favorite)

Benny Benassi – Satisfaction

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